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The Awakening of the Byakugan Himawari Eyes

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest information about the Boruto 126 anime which will be released on Sunday, September 29, 2019. And in this discussion we will find the eyes of Byakugan of Himawari Uzumaki.

Why can Himawari activate Byakugan eyes? are there any external factors that make him angry and raise up the Hyuga clan doujutsu. We have previously seen Himawari Uzumaki himself have raised Byakugan. what causes the rise of the Byakugan Himawari on this episode?

And the trigger is Boruto Uzumaki. still remember in my memory in an additional episode of noruto where at that time Naruto made preparations for the inauguration of hookage.

unfortunately that did not happen and konohmaru disguised as naruto to carry out the inauguration of hookage in the village of konoha. Naruto was not present at the inauguration because of fainting and the cause was Himawari.

Himawari might at that time accidentally arouse the Byakugan just because of a puppet that was torn by Boruto, making Himawari furious and suddenly the Byakugan's eyes immediately rose.

but I myself do not know whether in Boruto episode 126 Himawari can use Byakugan by myself or maybe the cause is Shukaku. because maybe himawari really likes shukaka. and something happened to my shukaku which made him angry and aroused the Byakugan.

maybe that's the result of my analysis on the preview of Boruto 126, which is scheduled for release on September 29, 2019. Maybe this is just my prediction there could be other causes that can arouse the eyes of Byakugan Himawari Uzumaki.