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Release Date Manga One Piece Chapter 956

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I gave the latest information about the latest one piece
chapter manga reviews. In the discussion of chapter 955 this will focus on the ability of Zoro who already has an Enma sword and the strength of Haki's Luffy that has increased.

It seems like Hiyori isn't recklessly giving Zoro the legendary sword Enma. Not without reason Hiyori gave him a sword for free. According to Mimin Hiyori, you might already know that one of Zoro's swords is the legacy of Wano that was lost 50 years ago.

And it seems that Zoro is the right person to guard the sword of the wano lord, Kozuki Oden. Not haphazardly indeed the sword Enma takes a lot of haki.

That was proven when Zoro finished trying on Enma's sword and the impact was that Zoro's arms became thin. Maybe if it wasn't Zoro who tried the sword Enma was already unconscious.

Then what is the fate of Luffy who did high level haki training in Udon. Has his rights increased? In my opinion, Luffy is still doing training and there is a slight improvement.

Luffy is now capable of making internal damage with haki. He showed the power of the haki after hitting a tree where the other side of the tree was damaged.

Back again to Zoro where he still tried the Enma sword and it seems he is not used to using this legendary sword. And according to Mimin Zoro could master the sword and be able to bring out all the power of the sword Enma.

We will see the action of Zoro and Luffy's new strength in the one piece manga chapter 956 which will be released on September 20, 2019. And possibly a raw scan will come out the day before.