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Release Date Manga Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 174

Welcome back to my blog serguruku. on this occasion I will discuss the latest chapter of the manga kimetsu no yaiba. In this chapter, the demon slayer continues the 3 pillar battle against the first month devil, Kakushibou.

No one would have guessed that the tokito, himejima and senami pillars could still survive and do extraordinary fighting.

Maybe if in my opinion, the pillars have reached their limits and are in a cornered condition. On the other hand Himejima got a new clue to understand the movements of Kakushibou.

Even though the three pillars were almost defeated but the course of the battle was reversed. Himejima already understood the body of kakushibou.

Attacks from sanemi, tokito and himejima which together can open a bit of the kakushibou's defense gap. And finally one attack from Himejima was able to injure the devil's first month's arm.

Followed by a second attack from Tokyo which stabbed Kakushibou's body which made him unable to move. The condition of the pillars might be exhausted.

All that's left is the final attack of the genya that should be precise at shooting kakushibou with a manipulated gun and might be able to finish off kakushibou.

The question is whether he can finish off Kakushibou with his gun. the answer is that we wait for the latest manga kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer, which will be released on Sunday, September 15, 2019.