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Release Date Manga Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 173 Genya Against Kakushibou

Demon Slayer Kimetus No Yaiba. Welcome back to my blog. At this meeting I will give the latest information about one of the manga or comics that are trending among comic fans, namely Kimetsu no yaiba. Although the manga and the anime are still new, they have attracted many fans.

Not only that, the version of the anime is also more exciting to watch. Okay we proceed to the latest chapter kimetsu no yaiba manga that entered chapter 173 where Genya will help sanemi and himejima. But it won't be fun without first discussing what happened in the previous chapter.

In chpater 172 there is an extraordinary battle between the pillars and the first level devil that is kakushibou. Their fight has been going on for more than 3 chpater. It seems that the top-level moon devil is indeed a strong opponent for the pillars.

Sanemi and himejima had a lot of difficulties fighting kakushibou. The various attacks used by the pillars were able to be dodged quickly by the first-level moon devils and even their movements were very fast in pursuit of himejima.

In addition to the speed of kakushibou also has extraordinary breathing techniques. The upper lunar devil is able to use lunar breathing techniques up to level 10 and maybe that is the highest lunar breathing rate.

In this case kakushibou is able to use his sword into a very sharp moon sword with breathing at every level the sword is capable of dealing great damage to the opponent. Himejima and sanemi can't do anything.

The pillars could only avoid this month's breathing technique and when the first-level moon devil released the top-level moon breathing technique to reach level ten, his attack almost hit Sanemi.
Luckily Tomioka came to help and save Sanemi. Luckily, we can survive the attack Kakushibou. On the other hand there is Genya who is watching their battle. Genya actually wanted to come and help the pillars.

We know that the genya has recovered after eating the hair from kakushibou which has the ability to regenerate quickly. Not only that, Genya also wanted to fight Kakushibou once again.

But it seems like the genya is in a state of doubt, whether he can defeat the first month devils where even the pillars can't defeat him. In genya there are still doubts and not sure can fight kakushibou.

Even so with a trembling condition, In his heart Genya really wanted to help Himejima and Sanemi. Genya remembered Tanjiro kamado who motivated him to defeat a demon that was stronger than him.

Tanjiro Kamado's figure might be able to help his genius belief to make a determination and give him strength to help the pillars. Maybe the words that came out of the Kamado Tanjiro's mouth had given Genya the strength to fight Kakushibou.

Genya gets up and eats kakushibou's sword pieces to protect himself, and we just have to watch the latest chapter of demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba 173 which will be released on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

So comic lovers must be healthy so they can continue to see the battle between Genya and Kakushibou. We will see a pillar battle whose power is under Himejima and Sanemi. Can it make things turn around? Will it be able to defeat Kakushibou?