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Release Date Manga Boruto Chapter 38

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will discuss the latest Boruto Manga. It was said for a moment that Boruto's Karma Seal was suddenly active and stopped Boruto's body movements suddenly, fortunately there was Mitsuki who was alert to see Boruto's right hand when the karmic seal was active and spreading.

The Karma seal is active when there is a fierce battle or the appearance of a fierce and dangerous enemy and Boruto Filing is directed at the Kawaki who is at his house with Nanadaime Naruto. while in Naruto's Residence, Looks Relaxed between Kawaki and Naruto in ordinary chat.

The peaceful and cheerful atmosphere of Konoha is nothing and everything is normal. Shikaida and Inojin are playing Japanese-style chess, Sarada meets with Ino who is with Sakura. but on the other hand unexpectedly Frog spies are watching Naruto House.

For a moment Ino felt a large chakra appear in konoha and its location in Naruto's house, Sarada who heard it immediately rushed to the nanadaime puladan house and also the karma seal of the kawaki also responded and was active and unexpected surprise through the karmic seal Jigen appeared and for the first time Naruto meet with Jigen.

Kawaki who refused to participate by Jigen's invitation, for a moment Talking Naruto who wanted to attack suddenly was greeted by a Kick and hit the same time coming out Black metal like the pain of the ancient Akatsuki, black metal chakra disc. and Naruto fell on the ground

While Kawaki and Jigen debated and Boruto on their way to their home with mitsuki, Naruto's karma seal began to spread again and they accelerated his pace. without realizing it turns out Kawaki has a horn ,, hmmmm mimin so curious ... after all Jigen is also horned .. and finally the fierce duel of Naruto vs Jigen is inevitable

Initially, Kawaki wanted to accept Jigen's offer to participate in protecting Nanadaime, but the Naruto Hokage soul appeared and bounced it all, the battle path was the best solution. because it is in a narrow space to fight, Jigen plans to send Naruto to another dimension. and leave him alone there.

an open seal portal similar to a jutsu from Obito that can enter and enter different dimensions.
If you pay attention to Jigen's karmic seal, it is similar to Boruto, a round circle in the right palm. suddenly the hand seemed to issue a whirling chakra spinning and finally Naruto was sucked into moving Dimensions.

Naruto was confused where this was, just like the Kaguya incident that was able to manipulate the dimensional space, which even Naruto didn't know where it was. Not the intention of the fight turned out to Jigen intend to only move Naruto from Konoha to keep him away from Kawaki and want to return to Konoha to pick up Kawaki. but for a moment Jigen opened the Dimension Portal, Sasuke suddenly appeared from the portal.

Then there was a battle between Jigen Malawan Naruto and Sasuke where Jigen had enough difficulty to defeat the two strongest shinobi of all time. In that battle it was known that Jigen's ability was among them.

Jigen power comes from karmic seals

The strength of the karmic seal is able to manipulate objects into small pieces

The strength of the karmic seal can make it absorb chakra

The strength of the karmic seal can make transfers between dimensions.

The strength of the karmic seal can make it disappear

The strength of the karmic seal is connected with Kawaki.

In my opinion, in the predictions of the 38th Boruto manga, Jigen will later use the karmic seal power to absorb the juubi chakra. Even though they are already in the form of half a monster maybe Jigen will put out all his strength against Uchiha Sasuke and Naruto Uzumaki. We will see their battle on Boruto manga  chpater 38 which will be released on September 20, 2019.