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Release Date Boruto 127 Icha Icha Tactics

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest information on the episode 127 Boruto anime which will be released on Sunday, October 6, 2019, which will discuss the book written by Jiraiya namely Icha Icha tactics.

In the preview of Boruto 127 we are shown the figure of Sannin, namely Jiraiya, which makes Boruto uzumkai curious. Who exactly is jiaraiya and what works has she made?

But it's not cool if you don't discuss the previous episode. I got some important points about Boruto 126 yesterday where Naruto family members went on recreation and brought my shukaku.

Indeed, my shukaku had a cunning plan to be nosy to Kurama. and try to get information from himawari. although it did not work but please note that the fact that the Byakugan Himawari can be used when he is pressed and angry. perhaps the active cause of the Byakugan Himawai is the loss of Shukaku.

The second is that in fact we haven't seen bijuu for a long time. where do they go? but it has been answered thanks to Naruto where they gather even though only a few and the bijuu who live their lives respectively.

The third is the relationship between Shukaku and Kurama although they actually do not get along and mock one another, but they understand each other about humans even though at first they did not like humans and were made into weapons and jinchuruki containers.

Now that's an important point from the previous episode Boruto anime. we will again see a preview of a jiraiya who is a great teacher for Naruto.

In the preview there are some characters that are shown, namely hatake kakashi, uchiha sasuke, uchiha sarada, and boruto themselves. I get a few questions.

Has Sasuke ever read icha icha tactis? Does kakashi still read it often? then is boruto also more interested in jiraiya or interested in the book icha icha tactics? We will soon see it in boruto episode 127 which is scheduled for release on October 6, 2019.