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Release Date Boruto 124 Shinki and Boruto Against Urashiki

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide information about Boruto where the urashiki arc is currently continuing. And it seems like this will be a battle between Boruto, and Shinki vs Urashiki.

We already know in the previous Boruto episode, Urashiki has come out of Sabako Sotaiso Fuuin which is a sealing style from Gaara. Open only that chakra from Temari and Shikadai has also been taken by Urashiki.

This will be something very interesting where Boruto's first mission with Shinki has reached a high level mission. Even though they were at the genin level, they had to face a very strong opponent from the Kaguya clan.

The fact is that urahsiki is now much stronger after taking many other shinobi chakras. We can count them in the first order, Gaara.

The sand chakra from the village of the wind already belongs to Urashiki after he is able to retrieve it from Kazekagee Garaa. At that time the triumph was when the Kaguya clans namely Kinski and Momoshiki attacked the village of Konoha.

Then the second with this incident also Urashiki managed to take the Chakra Senninka from Mitsuki who tried to protect Boruto from Momoshiki attacks.

Third is the chakra of Otsusuki Toneri where currently the ability of Bonasha Urashiki has made Kankuro trouble. Kugutsunya skill ability is indeed extraordinary because it is strong and can move on its own.

The fourth is the chakra of Uchiha Sasuke where at that time Sasuke tried to protect Boruto but Urashiki made use of Sasuke's negligence to retrieve his chakra.

The fifth is a sister who is a sister of the kazekage when she is exhausted and injured by the urashiki kugutsu puppet attack taking wind chakra from temari.

Then the last one is Chakara from Shikadai shortly after Temari then Urashiki takes the shadow chakra from Shikadai. So in conclusion urashiki already has 6 special chakras and is likely to be used again as his own strength.

Then what will happen to Boruto and Shinki if they have a chance to win against Urashiki who is very strong. we know the level of strength they are much different.

Maybe Sasuke will return to help Shinki and Boruto. we'll see their fight in the latest episode 124 boruto which will be released on 15 September 2019.