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One Piece 958 Release Date And Predictions

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information about the discussion of One Piece chapter 957, one of which is the highest bounty owned by Gol D Roger who is the pirate king in the old world era. It's possible that Oda Sensei is now openly giving bounties to the yonkou.

In this review, I still question why bonuty gol d roger has the highest bounty? Even though gol d roger was long dead and executed in east blue. Not only that, indeed the value of the pirate pirate bounty reached 5 million berries. that means gol d roger has extraordinary strength among 4 yonkou.

In fact we know that the bounty value of the yonkou for the time being at the highest bounty value is the yonkou kaido then there is a big mom and finally is akagami no shanks who has the lowest bounty among the yonkou.

The next question is why Whitebeard almost matched gold d roger which reached 5 million berries. Is it really the past of Whitebeard and Gol D Roger is indeed a time and they may be familiar. or maybe thanks to the Marinford Bounty Shiroge it became higher. or maybe it is a form of great appreciation from the navy or the duinia government.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Oda Sensei is a little late to give bounties to the yonkou. But considering the situation now is getting crazy. I think this is the right time because soon the great war will start.

In my opinion maybe Oda Sensei will make a big war all over the world. there are sichibukai who will become enemies of the naval government. not only that, it seems that the revolutionary forces will also move.

And my prediction in one piece 958 - 959 is also possible wano war will be enlivened by the yonkou who are still alive. luffy's alliance might get help from the red pirate Akagami no shanks to fight with kaido and big mom. But that seems to be still long because some scenes are now divided not only wano.

One piece chpater 958 will be released on October 4, 2019 if Oda Sensei doesn't take a day off. And you can read it on the official website like Mangaplus. we wait for what will happen in the latest one piece.