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One Piece 958 -959 Takanome Mihawk vs Fujitora Navy?

Welcome back to my blog. on occasion I will provide the latest information about one piece manga. in the discussion this time the Dracule Mihawk became the target of the secretary of the enemy of the world government.

In the previous chapter we knew that the official sichibukai was dissolved by the world government. the world governments themselves will not cooperate with the sichibukai and of course they will turn to hunt them down.

One of them is the eagle eye of Darcule Mihawk who is now a former member of the sichibukai. with a unanimous decision and did not want to take the risk of the world government directly chasing this number one swordsman.

We know the ability of the Mihawk swordsman is one of the most frightening. if until the mihwak is hunted this might become a food weapon for the government of the sea archipelago.

Then who is the adimiral or admiral who caught the Dracule Mihwak, whether Fujitora or Kizaru? of course I give an opinion should only fellow swordsmen.

The next question is whether the army of the sea will arrive and meet the mihawk? we know that on the island there were ferocious baboon troops. maybe the navy will fight the baboon troops first before fighting the mihawk.

However, if you look at the history of Darucle Mihawk, he has never committed another crime besides attacking the Krieg fleet in Green Land. then in my opinion to catch a mihawk there must be someone who is strong at the level of the admiral who is leading the mihawk.

Once again in my opinion this is not something excessive if catching Dracule Mihawk needs a bigger fleet and needs a strong leader. if I could choose I would choose fujitora to fight against mihawk.