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Manga One Piece 955 Release Date

Welcome to the serguruku blog, where this time the author will provide the latest information about one piece manga. In the previous chapter, we saw many scenes from the last chapter edition.

There was a big mom that day made an alliance with Kaido where both would be the most powerful alliance to defeat the straw hat pirates.

On the other hand, those straw hat pirate alliance did not know that the yonkou alliance had already been realized.

Obviously this would be a big problem if they came to Onigashima Island. Even with the 5,000 samurai forces that came there, onigashima island. they won't be able to fight the strength of the yonkou.

We will see whether Kinemon's plan will succeed to reach Onigashima Island along with the alliance.

The schedule for the release of one piece 955 will be out on Friday September 13 2019 and for the official raw scan will be out on Thursday 12 September 2019.

so for one piece fans, please wait patiently for the latest chapter next week.

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