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Manga One Piece Chapter 957 Release Date

Welcome to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the latest one piece manga that has entered chapter 956 which provides the story arc reverie and of course we might have  mystery questions that occur in this chapter and maybe the answer we will find in the one piece manga chapter 957 that will released on September 27, 2019.

In the previous chapter we were also shown if Zoro finally accepted Enma and showed her strength. Luffy and Chopper as well as others have met in the Amigasa region. However, their plans turned out to be known by Orochi due to a traitor. then, what happens next?

Garp even asked the Ryugu aristocratic family not to fear humans because of this problem after Reverie finished there were several important points generated, firstly the leaders decided to disband the Shichibukai because they were considered dangerous for some areas. Because of this, Coby decided to go to Amazon Lilly to catch Boa Hancock.

The Shichibukai was truly disbanded, which meant the Navy had found a new force to replace the group. It seems that the discovery was Vegapunk technology that Fujitora had seen first.

On the other hand, Shirahoshi and Neptune returned safely to the area of ​​the island of Mermaid with escorts from Garp. This is due to a chaos that occurred in the Mary Geoise region, but Garp himself assured Neptune that everything would be fine and still trust in humans and entrust it to the navy.

There was bad news about Sabo that made the Revolutionaries panic and Makino depressed. Is Sabo dead? For now, the news about Sabo is still a mystery. Stelly was even more surprised that Sabo was at Reverie than he was dead or what. What is clear, seeing the reaction of Makino and Koala, this is definitely not good news.

In my opinion it seems that Sabo is still alive but is being held by the navy, Makino might be surprised because Sabo is still alive. whereas Sabo had been considered dead by Makino because of the Tenryuubito shooting incident when Sabo wanted to sail to become a pirate, that was in my opinion.

News in the newspaper clearly there are still covered. Morgan said he wanted an obituary, there were also the results of the conference, there was also an attempted murder. If you write the obituary it must be from Reverie because there is a RA vs Marine clash. The results of the conference also just announced the approval of the dissolution of the Shichibukai, not shown regarding the Arabasta case. If this assassination attempt can only be on their side they want to kill Tenryubito or Gorosei already ready to attack and the coup of the Arabasta kingdom is planned by them

Hearing the dissolution of the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock himself spoke to someone who is still unknown who the Shichibukai was formed because of their own strength and not because of the navy or world government. On the other hand, we finally find out if Drake is the chairman of a secret organization.

Teach finally moved. He wants to seize something before something is taken by the Navy. But I do not know what this something. In fact, where exactly is Teach going? If he had to fight the Navy, maybe he wasn't after Wano.

I am sure that what the teach targeted, the Shichibukai itself. It has been said by law that the way to survive is to bow or fight yonkou. If teach could recruit ex-Shichibukai or the worst conditions to enslave them, that would be the same condition of crisis as the tag team kaido and big mom. This is a golden opportunity to teach to recruit former Shichibukai and destroy the navy.