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Manga One Piece Chapter 956 Predictions

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest information about one piece. We know that the one piece manga has entered chapter 955. This time I tried to make an analysis of the prediction of one piece manga 956.

We know there are some important events in the latest chapter yesterday. A big meeting has already taken place and it looks like it's just going to a trip to Onigashima Island to fight against the kaido pirates and big mom.

The question is why Orochi could know the plan of Kinemon to carry out a rebellion. Who has been spying on this renacan kinemon so that Orochi can know of a rebellion?

Did the trafaglar law provide this information when investigated by the hawkins basil? or there are other people who are really kaido spies in Luffy's alliance? In my opinion, maybe one of Luffy's alliances is Carrot, but this is just a theory, it could be wrong.

What is certain is that the plans for kinemon and nine red scabbards are known even though they will change the route to the island of Onigashima. If it really happened like that the Orochis might block them before reaching the island.

And the possibility of such a big battle will not occur on the island of Onigashima? or it could be that Luffy's alliance will be divided into two forces. If it is true, then it will be a battle between the Orochi forces and the Momonosuke Samurai forces and of course the Straw Hat Pirates along with Law Pirates will face the Yonkou Kadio and Yonkou Big Mom.

Then how do these straw hat pirates play 2 yonkou at once on the island of Onigashima? We know that maybe Luffy's high level of power has increased but is that enough to defeat Kaido alone?

Without the help of other pirates Luffy might be defeated easily by Kaido. Maybe Zoro helped Luffy fight Kaido, but on the other side, what should I do about Big Mom?

In other words although the strength of Luffy and Zoro has increased, but in terms of strength, I think they are still far below the power of Big Mom and Kaido. If it's really like that, Oda Sensei should bring shanks to help the straw hat plow.

Yes, that's probably my opinion about the prediction of menga one piece chapter 956. We'll see the newest manga that is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2019. You can read it through mangaplus or other official sites.