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Manga Kimetsu No Yaiba Chapter 176 Release Date

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest information about the schedule for the release date of kimetsu no yaiba chpater 176. You can read the manga demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba on the official website of mangaplus.

I will try to give a brief review of Kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer chpater 175. The exterminator seems to be fighting hard enough to defeat Michikatsu Tsugikuni or commonly known by the name Kakushibou.

This 4 vs 1 fight is one of the most interesting in this demon slayer manga because of this. The 3 pillars namely tokito, sanemi, and himejima put out all their strength to the last point.

Even so the key to defeating Kakushibou is Genya. We know that the top 1 month moon demonic forces can't move anymore because of Tokyo attack. The gunfire also hit Kakushibou.

Here it seems that kakushibou must bring out his strength and turn into a tree and his whole body issues a sword. the pillars suffered quite severe injuries.

In my opinion maybe the pillars will not survive the conditions of such severe injuries. Genya might be able to die together with Totiko. But is it true that Kakushibuo also died?

Obviously this might be the last story of kakushibou and the pillars succeeded in defeating the upper moon devils. But instead we might lose genya and tokito.

They might be able to survive by eating parts of kakushibou so they can recover. This is just my prediction on kimetsu no yaiba 176.

I assumed that when Genya ate Kakushibou's hair, Genya was able to get back up and recover. Then the genya also strengthened his gun which was enveloped by the power of Kakushibou.

And most likely this genya and tikoito can be cured by eating the devil's first upper moon portion. We will see the continuation of the fate of Genya and Tokyo in the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chpater 176 which is scheduled for release on Friday 27 September 2019.