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Manga Boruto Chapter 39 Release Date

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide information about the review of chapter 38 manga boruto that has been released in Mangaplus. Still continuing the final battle between Jigen against Naruto and Sasuke. what is the important discussion of boruto chapter 38 let us see more below

It's been through two chpapter and we can see the strength of the jigen which relies on the strength of karmic seal. But even so we still haven't seen the true power of Naruto and Sasuke.

Now in this chapter they must end the fight. We know that in the previous chapter Jigen suffered a serious injury. That was caused by the style of the Rasengan. In my opinion, this jigen can still survive the wound.

In my opinion, the discussion of Boruto Chapter 38 is more about competing against each other. To stop jigen uchiha sasuke until using susano'o which is the most powerful technique.

Then that also applies to the Naruto Uzumaki who use the Kyuubi mode or we know the Kurama mode from the combined senjutsu and the Kyuubi chakra. Here naruto and sasuke, in my opinion, are somewhat excessive.

Only against the jigen they immediately issued a large amount of chakra. after I observe it turns out that Jigen is not afraid of fighting Susano and Kurama Mode. Sure enough Jigen was able to break through the defense of Susano'o and succeed in making Sasuke fall.

Naruto also experienced things where the kyuubi mode was unable to defeat jigen. Naruto and Sasuke in the final battle suffered defeat.

Luckily Sasuke can escape to another dimension thanks to the Boruto chakra tracking and in my opinion Sasuke will be helped by Sakura. On the other hand, naruto is left by jigen in that empty dimension.

My prediction in manga boruto chpater 39 is that uchiha sasuke might return to the dimension where naruto is after being healed by sakura. And jigen is likely to temporarily restore their condition because their chakra has all been reduced a lot.

We will see the meeting between Boruto and Kawaki and of course the healing process of Sasuke and the fate of Naruto in the 39th Boruto manga series which will be released on October 20, 2019.