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Manga Black Clover Chapter 223 Release Date

welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the latest manga from black clover which will discuss about megicula. You can read the manga on the Mangaplus official website and other official sites.

Alright, in the latest black clover manga chapter we get a pretty relaxed discussion. but the question is who exactly is Noelle's mother whether from among humans or from the devils.

In the dream world glamor world is explained about the curse of a mother Noelle who possessed her so that and the curse continues. some say that the devil is named megicula.

But unfortunately in this chapter there are only a few scenes and I think this is a little cheaters. we are also not shown the scenes from the previous chapter that featured Yami and Blue Rose on a date.

Maybe the captain of the blue rose and Yami pieces can understand each other. yes if necessary, yes asta can be a mediator for them to be united.

Back again to megicula which in my opinion this devil who possessed Noelle's mother might have a village, then once liked the human race but was betrayed, then possessed by a goddess, so good not like revenge. Kyknya new devils who contract with his mother Noele, really different in my opinion with the devil asta.

but First, by the way Sis Nozel is funny too, if he acts like that. Dorothy said that the nozzles that he knew might behave like that, he was originally loving the noele but hiding it.

of course we will see who this megicula demon really is and does it have anything to do with the devil who has possessed asta? we will see manga black clover chpater 223 which will be released on October 4th 2019.