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Manga Black Clover Chapter 221 Release Date

Welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the latest manga from black clover where asta and black bull have been freed from the royal court.And we will soon see the black clover manga in chapter 221 which starts a new arc where asta and black bulls will adventure in other countries.

In the previous chapter Asta and the Black Bulls seemed to be still talking and seemed to have not gone abroad. in my opinion asta and black bulls might be heading somewhere to find new evidence and maybe also looking for strength.

And my prediction in Chapter 221 of Black Clover later on and Black Bulls will determine which country they will visit first and maybe the country is a country of diamon. The country of diamon is the one that was told in the previous chapter and asta has a partner there.

It's clear in my opinion the black clover will start a new arc. the story will progress and maybe asta will learn to master the forbidden technique. Because not much we know from other countries. Surely in Black Clover 221 and the next chapter we will find a lot of new magic.

Maybe the minus is that we will momentarily forget about other characters in black clover (other than black bulls). Because of course the story and conflict will focus more on them. But it will pay off with the emergence of new characters that can be unique and very powerful.

I also predict that asta will get stronger during this arc. But of course he will be faced with various problems. Because related to the power of this demonic magic.

Because in the previous chapter, the strength of asta is arguably very developed compared to before. So who is the next antagonist and protagonist? who is the next enemy boss? I was very curious about this 221 black clover.

In addition, Nero finally officially joined the Black Bulls. Nero or Secre Swallowtail was the servant of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the prince of the Black Clover Kingdom and the first Magic Emperor.

It was changed to an anti-bhird named Nero after sealing Lemiel into a statue. Five centuries later, he decided to remain with Asta after meeting him at the beginning of the Magic Knight Entrance Test, and then accepting himself as a member of the Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights.

In the next chapter, Black Bulls will enter a new arc where they will take a trip abroad. we will see a new arc in the manga black clover chapter 221 which will be released on September 20 or 27, 2019.