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Kimetsu No Yaiba 25 Tanjiro Kamado Mastered The Full Concert Breathing Technique

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will give the latest review of the demon slayer episode kimetsu no yaiba where Tanjiro Kamado is training hard every day to master the technique of breathing full concentration.

In the latest episode we are shown 3 lower-level devil exterminators who are undergoing rehabilitation. There are Inosuke, Zenitsu and Tanjiro Kamado. their condition seems to have recovered and are ready to do new exercises.

In the beginning it was true that Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke were a little lackluster because their training was stretching, responding quickly, and chasing one another.

But when Zenitsu saw their training in my opinion Zenitsu was very excited because the ones who trained Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke were girls.

But after a few days, finally Inosuke and Zenitsu were bored because there was no significant improvement. Only the Kamado Tanjiro remained.

Tanjiro kamado takes a lot of time to do the full concentration breathing technique. Tanjiro had a lot of physical practice, practiced meditation, and practiced blowing jugs until they broke.

When tanjiro kamado had mastered the breathing technique in full concentration he again tried to chase after Kanao and finally managed to touch his hand.

Tanjiro kamado might be strong and his speed is equivalent to Kanao Tsuyuri and that makes Inosuke and Zenitsu jealous so they intend to practice again.

Tanjiro kamado is willing to guide Inosuke and Zenitsu to practice full concentration breathing techniques. Tanjiro Kamado's struggle to master the breathing technique will be closed with the end of Kimetsu no yaiba season 1.

We will see the latest episode of demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba episode 25 which will be released on September 22, 2019.