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How to Getting Google Adsense Blog With Hosted And Non Hosted Account

welcome back to my blog. on this occasion I will provide information about the world of blogging. and how to get google adsense with a blog with full approval. You will know that your adsense blog account is a hosted or non hosted account? and start making money from google adsense

What is a blog? A blog is information that is written by a blogger or more that contains the results of the writer's thought in a journal or article writing that is useful for blog readers in accordance with information on the topic and discussion of a blog.

Through information written by a blogger can get money. Why? the more we write articles on a blog or a website the more visitors from internet users in the world.

With so many organic visitors from google it will certainly build the trust of people to visit your site. and your blog site has a great opportunity to get money from google adsense.

There are 2 ways to earn money from adsense the first through the blogger platform and wordpress platform. Blogs that we build certainly have to comply with Google AdSense policy requirements. that way our blog can be received by adsense.

From my previous experience when creating a blog from blogspot and writing articles about generating from writing on uc news. has received a pretty good response from the visitors.

To get income from google adsense we must first register our blog to the adsense account. for the blogspot platform we can register adsense directly through the blogger platform. meaning we register our blog with a blogspot account.

However there are special requirements for bloggers in some countries. Blogger account with the default blogspot account can register google adsense after a few months. maybe 3 to 6 months just can register an adsense account. that sometimes applies in some countries.

But you don't need to worry about that. You can still register your blog using Costum Domain. Top level domains certainly don't require months. in other words, if your blog uses a custom domain like .com .net and others and have gotten a lot of visitors you can register directly using your AdSense account to add an add site.

Google Adsense accepted certainly requires site checks. Google itself requires a review of our blog whether our blog is eligible to display adsense ads or violate the policy.

For blogspot accounts or hosted accounts as my experience usually only gets one review only. by registering directly through the blogger platform. my blog was received in full within 3 days and was able to display adsense ads and start making money.

To be accepted by adsense using a top level domain or costum domain we must register manually through an adsense account. You can create an adsense account first by using Google email.

By using the costum domain blog we need 2 stages of review. and perhaps the most quickly accepted by adsense takes one more week. and our adsense account will change to a non-hosted account. after we blog we are full aprrove. we can display adsense ads on our blog.

To make money through google adsense with blogs. we must be diligent in writing and understand about SEO blog. both on page and off page. not only that, we also have to build quality backlinks so that our blogs are increasingly on the first page of Google search.

But for those of you who are the first time to build a blog or beginner blogger should be diligent in writing in a consistent manner first so that your articles are visited by many internet users.

In this modern era blogs become a source of income that needs to be calculated. through a blog we can make money with one of the advertising service providers through google adsense.

Google adsense is one of the biggest types of advertising services in the world. More than 2 million people use Google Adsense to make money.

A blog is one of the best ways besides YouTube to make money through writing articles from your mind. make a blog that is currently being discussed and has a great cpc value. Blogs like tutorials, technology, health, automotive and insurance. for those of you who are beginners you can start creating a blog with your writing according to your hobby so that you like the world of blogging.