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History Dance of The Fire God And Hanafuda Earrings Kamado

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide important information about the main character of the Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaba, Tanjiro Kamado. And I will discuss hanafuda earrings and their relationship with dance of the fire god.

Hinokami Kagura is a breathing style that is only known and taught by the Kamado family. maybe this dance is a hereditary inheritance from father to son in every generation along with hanafuda earrings. The Kamado family uses breath style in ritual ceremonies which are conducted every year, where users of the Breath Style offer the Fire God dance from sunset to sunrise to ward off illness.

In the manga version it's called dance of the fire god. don't wear breath. so Tanjiro's family is actually a breath of the sun user a.k.a original breath because of that, Muzan slaughtered a family of Tanjiro when his father died. so there is no descendant of breath of the sun user, well since in Tanjiro the anime hasn't known the name of breath of the sun he has his own technique called dance of the fire god which he will improve using Zenitsu's thunder breathing and water breathing from Urokodaki.

We know that this Hanafuda earring is a symbol of the sun's breathing technique. there is also the opinion that the mark on the forehead tanjiro kamado is also a characteristic of users of fire breathing techniques. Actually this is indeed related between Hanafuda and Hinokami Kagura and maybe Tanjiro Kamado is the last heir of the user of the fire breath technique.

Hinokami Kagura himself appeared when Tanjiro Kamado failed to use the technique of breathing water while fighting the demon of the lower moon named Rui. But suddenly tanjiro mamu used dance of the fire od and beat Rui. Yes despite being helped by his younger brother named Nezuko.

Maybe this also relates to the 175 and 176 demon slayer manga we know that there is Yoriichi Tsugikuni which is. one of the sun's breath users. Maybe it has something to do with the kamado family. So in conclusion tanjiro kamado is the heir of the only sun breath technique user from the kamado family who is still alive and the goal is muzan kibutsuji.