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Facts of Oyakata Ubuyashiki Kagaya Characters Demon Slayer

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide information about the demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba anime, in which there are important character figures for the devil-killing pillars.

He is the oyakata who is the leader of the exterminator pillars. Oyakata figure seems to play an important role in decision making, especially during meetings between pillars.

We know Oyakata also took an extraordinary policy by allowing Nezuko along with Tanjiro Kamado to help eradicate demons. Not only that oykata is also highly respected by the pillars.

But what about the power of oyakata? In my opinion, this oyakata does not have the power of exterminating demons maybe after fighting with Kibutsuji Muzan Oyakata lost all of his abilities as a devil killing pillar.

But there is a special ability of Oyakata where each sentence or statement is able to make comfortable and calm. This was proven in his meeting with pillars who were able to convince Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko to stay together and eradicate the devil.

But this oyakata's wisdom and decision-making is very influential on the survival of the devil-killing pillars. A little extra from me maybe this Oyakata figure is a reincarnation of Hyuga Neiji but can't use Byakugan hahaha.

In the demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba Will Oyakata be able to provide guidance to Tanjiro Kamado to become an exterminator pillar?