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Boruto 126 Release Date

welcome back to my blog. On this occasion Mimin will provide the latest information about the anime episode Boruto 126 which will be released on September 29, 2019. Where we have seen a brief preview of Ichibi or Shukaku along with Kyuubi or Kurama in one house.

After otsusuki urashiki escapes from uchiha sasuke it is likely that urashiki will temporarily disappear. Luckily, shukaku made it to the village of Konoha.

The question is why can Shinki and Boruto make Urashiki pressured only by strokes of iron sand and rasengan? We know how difficult it is for temari, kankuro, gaara and sasuke to defeat urashiki and their dolls. they are not even able to hurt urahsiki.

Yes maybe you have your own reasons. but the latest fact appears that urashiki has a lot of doujutsu or eye power. from Byakugan, Choku To Me Rinnegan, and Rinnegan. maybe also the sharingan.

Okay, now urashiki got away. Let's discuss Shukaku and Kurama who will live together in the Naruto house. Do you know that these two bijuu don't really get along.

In Naruto anime they certainly have fought even though not directly when Gaara vs Naruto. and finally they met when together with Hagoromo at the end of the war of the Shinobi Alliance.

But in the Boruto anime they now meet in person. And why was Himawari chosen by Shukaku? why not just boruto with shukaku? This might be a cold war between Shukaku vs Kurama.

There are also those who argue that himawari will be a bijuu container for ichibi but that is still just an opinion. In my opinion, maybe Shukaku will make a separate plan to do a special trick at Naruto's house.