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Boruto 125 Release Date and Predictions Jougan Boruto

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will provide the latest Boruto anime information. I will review episode 124 where Boruto and Shinki are being chased by Urashiki. in my opinion this will be the final battle between shniki boruto against urashiki in episode 125

actually I'm quite disappointed with this episode because again we are showing a chase scene. to get shukau which is one tail or what we call ichibi, urashiki is playing with them again.

In my opinion urashiki should be able to easily capture boruto and shinki. But that is not done by urashiki. the surprise happened to shinki who was able to use a sealing technique.

Thanks to Boruto's plan, Shinki was able to use Fuin Jutsu with a combination of steel sand and Kugutsu. This is something new where Shinki also apparently has the ability to use a puppet style.

Although it has successfully sealed the urahsiki, in terms of chakra the strength of the seal is not strong enough to hold urashiki. Boruto and shinki must find other ways to avoid urashiki.

But it seems that it is difficult to do. there is only one way to deal with urashiki and defeat him. But we already know the leak from boruto 125 where boruto might accidentally use the eyes of a jougan.

The ability of Jougan Boruto's eyes in episode 125 might help analyze the battle against Urashiki. And most likely Uchiha Sasuke will return to help Boruto after the energy of the chakra is replenished.

Release date boruto episode 125 is scheduled to be released on September 22 2019. Can Boruto and Shinki defeat Urashiki without the help of Uchiha Sasuke? What do you think?