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4 Anime Characters That Have Different Eye Powers

Welcome back to my blog. On this occasion I will give information about several characters in the anime who have different eye powers. Although in an anime character the eyes are an important factor for vision. Without healthy eyes, of course we cannot see anything and everything will be dark.

It's important to maintain our eye health by eating fruits that contain lots of vitamins and beta carotene from fruits and vegetables. Okay, back to the anime characters where these 4 characters have different eye strength.

1. Uzumaki boruto

Borotu is the main character in the next generation Boruto anime. In the anime or manga Boruto already gained strength eye jougan. although there is only the power of kekkei genkai jougan in one of his eyes, but boruto has not been able to master the eye technique or the doujutsu. the power of jougan succeeded in obtaining it after defeating the otsusuki clan.

2. Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke is one of the important characters in Naruto anime and manga, We know that Uchiha Sasuke is a true rival of Naruto Uzumaki. Until the Boruto generation they still exist. We also know that Sasuke's eyes have different strengths. There are eyes Rinnegan and Sharingan. Sasuke can do normal mode after using the Sharingan but for the eye Rinnegan always seems active.

3. Obanai Iguro

Obanai iguro is one of the important characters in the anime kimetsu no yaiba. We know that iguro is also a member of a high level pillar but I don't know yet whether the different iguor eyes have power. To be sure, the power of this new iguro obanai has the power of star breathing and is a snake pillar.

4. Kaneki Ken.

Ken Kaneki is one of the most changed or evolved characters throughout the Tokyo Ghoul anime (including Tokyo Ghoul: Re). Starting from an ordinary college kid, becoming a half-Ghoul human, until finally becoming a 'Dragon' - a giant centipede shaped monster similar to Kaiju. From all the changes, maybe this mask change was used by Kaneki to cover up his identity as a Ghoul. Because Kaneki only has one Ghoul / Kakugan eye, Uta decides to make a mask that only shows the Kakugan as told by Duniaku.idntime.